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Hi Guys, my name is Roland Siep and I am a realtor selling condos in Downtown Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Mar Inc - Alex O’BrienI live and work here in downtown and therefore I am conversant with various issues related to condos’ market in this area. Professionally and socially I have come to love Vancouver BC together with all it has to offer. This makes me feel comfortable, be able to interact with different people and also be able to work comfortably.

Reasons to use me to buy in West vancouver

Through my experience and skills, I can assure you that buying a condo with me will be making a smart move. This is because I will provide you with services that will ensure you get the right condo for sale Downtown Vancouver and at the price which you had budgeted. While buying with me I will apply my vast knowledge about condos in downtown Vancouver to let you know the available options. I will also diligently use my network related to Vancouver so as to ensure we get the apartment that suits you perfectly. When it comes to financing, I know a number of people and institutions that I partner with and therefore I can recommend you to places where you can get fast and convenient financing. I can also help you with the legal details since I know some of the best real estate lawyers in Vancouver.

Reasons to sell your West vancouver condos with me

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I can also be of assistance in case you feel the need to sell. One of the reasons why should sell with me is that I will be able to fetch you the best price. This is because I have good negotiating skills and I have a long list of people who might want to buy. Therefore, we shall just go through that list and choose the ideal buyer of townhouses for sale Vancouver West. In fact after we agree on the suitable price, I will do most of the other work since I will deal with legal issues. This means that I will be your representative for West Vancouver condo purchases until the entire transaction goes through. Therefore, you will get time to do other things while I look for the appropriate buyer.

The market In Vancouver Downtown

The current market in Vancouver Downtown for 2014 has risen steadily since the start of the year. This is primarily attributed to the fact that more and more people are knowing the benefits of working and living in Vancouver. Consequently, the demand for Vancouver rent apartments has rises in a steady pace as the market tries to satisfy the rising demand for apartments for sale Downtown Vancouver. This has also triggered an increase in prices as most sellers try to cash in on the increased demand. This demand for high rise condos lofts for sale in Vancouver is expected to continue growing as more people realize the benefits of staying in Vancouver. Here is some more info from my team leader:

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contact-meIt is evident that selling or buying successfully in West Vancouver primarily depends on the realtor selected.

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That is why I would advise you to list with me today where you will sell or buy your property in a convenient and professional manner.

Why Is It Profitable To Invest In Vancouver Homes?

Canadian real estate market is the sole investment vehicle
that has successfully managed to keep at par or exceed the inflation, following the fiscal catastrophe of the Recession Period couple of years back. At present, Vancouver along with its neighboring districts of Eastern Canada has come forth as a desirable place for settling after retirement. Thus, investing in Vancouver East condo market is a safe, profitable and dependable strategy for creating, multiplying and stocking wealth.

Are you planning to purchase a domestic property in Eastern Canada? Don’t postpone this decision because you’re about to crack a profitable deal. Check out why.

Why Is It Profitable To Invest In Vancouver Homes?

1) Purchasing a house or an apartment gives you the sole ownership rights over a tangible asset. You can choose what to do with it in future, with no financial advisors, board of directors, tax agents or policy representatives bossing you around.
2) “Hold and Grow” is the new motto of real estate industry today. Since the market is keeping steady in 2013, it is recommended that buyers should purchase property now and retain it for a few years until the time is ripe. Once its market value increases, you can find a potential client and dispose it off at double rates. Until then, think of various ways to keep the cash flowing until you pay off the initial upfront value.
3) Lower mainland including Vancouver and New Westminster, being commercial centers, are places where you can easily look for a tenant. If you’re a proud owner of a condo or villa, you can rent it out to tenants or turn it into a holiday cottage, commercial guest house or a hangout joint for arranging private gatherings. Regardless of what happens in the marketplace, you will always generate money through rentals. The plus point is, as the worth of property increases over the time, you rental income becomes double.
4) Homes serve as a stable security for borrowing loans, when you fall short of money. Leverage over moneylenders comes as a bonus with houses.
5) Property transactions are tax exempted unless you decide to sell them. Moreover, you’ve to pay only 50% of taxes on the capital gains generated through use or disposal of your assets.

The Bottom Line:

For the investors, who don’t know much about Canadian real estate market, investing in this industry is not a simple endeavor. Even the most skilled, seasoned and luckiest of all real estate buyers make silly mistakes if they rely on the breaking news. In order to reap maximum profits from your possessions, one needs to do his homework first. The most effective strategy of determining the inflating market prices is to get reliable news about market trends prevailing in a specific city, village or metropolitan center. This is where a brokerage firm comes to your rescue. Since the local agents are well familiar with fluctuating prices and regulations, they can give you best advice in this direction.

Now the question arises, where will you find reliable dealers? You need not worry! Try hiring the expert services of Remax Richard Morrison and you wouldn’t be disappointed! So, now that you’ve discovered the best place to look for diverse assets, simply tell them about your dream homes and leave the rest to the brokers.